QHash randomization merged!

Some minutes ago the patch that made QHash effectively randomised landed in the api_changes branch (you can find it here).

Many thanks to all the people involved in reviewing and staging my patches!

The whole series involves minor API breaks (i.e.: if you declared qHash(T) for some type T, instead of properly #include the right header, then your code may stop to compile) but significant ABI breaks (QHash<int, T>, and therefore QSet<int> memory layout did change).

And, obviously, a significant behaviour change: the order of iteration upon a QHash can change in every run of your program.

So: remember to recompile all of your software if you’re using api_changes (you should already be doing this), as well as the next time api_changes gets merged into master!

For the more curious, here you are the individual changes (linking to the commits on gitorious):